Is Instagram giveaway legal?


Is Instagram giveaway legal?

Instagram Giveaway

You can grow your business on social media platforms by using sweepstakes, one of the digital marketing techniques. By using Rafflemix, you can try it for free up to 100 comments to see the interaction that Instagram giveaways will add to your accounts. Instagram giveaways have many benefits. If we talk about the benefits of doing an Instagram raffle; It increases your organic followers, increases the number of organic comments and likes, allows you to explore, and as a result, increases your products and services. There are 6 steps to making an effective Instagram giveaway:

Is it legal to make sweepstakes through social media accounts? We know that many business owners ask this question. In order to answer these questions in your mind, we examined the legal dimension and prepared this article.

Is it legal for businesses to give sweepstakes?

The draws are the responsibility of the National Lottery Administration of the country you are in. According to the regulation decision of the National Lottery Administration on lotteries and lotteries dated 04/10/2006, there is no obligation to obtain permission for each lottery. According to the published regulation, sweepstakes for the following purposes do not need permission:

  • Social draws by public institutions and organizations aiming to protect the education, health and cultural values of the society.
  • Sweepstakes with rules and elimination.
  • Sweepstakes made by elimination method by measuring the knowledge and skill level of the participants or evaluated by the jury.

You need to get permission to organize sweepstakes from any social media platform other than the items listed above. Because you need to get administrative permission for "direct income" sweepstakes. In other words, if the sweepstakes is held through a sponsor and the person who organizes the sweepstakes earns a direct income from it, this behavior of the sponsors means that it violates the prohibition of unfair competition and deceptive advertising, and it is necessary to get permission for such sweepstakes.

As a result, you do not need permission when you draw with Rafflemix. You can grow your target audience on the social media platforms of your businesses by using Instagram sweepstakes. With Rafflemix, you can legally prepare your raffles and determine your winners with peace of mind.

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