How to make an Instagram giveaway in 6 steps?


How to make an Instagram giveaway in 6 steps?

Social media platforms show their presence in every aspect of life without slowing down. Many businesses with commercial purposes are making sweepstakes to increase the number of followers and target audience on social media platforms.


Set your purpose

When making a giveaway on Instagram, you must first determine your purpose. Each social media account has a different purpose. It is important for you to determine your purpose in order to achieve the highest efficiency. You can choose one of the following purposes and create a high-quality and high-yield sweepstakes:

  • Get likes and comments
  • gain followers on Instagram
  • Gaining e-mail subscribers
  • Redirecting to blog content
  • Attracting users to your website

Set your reward

An important element in Instagram sweepstakes is the prizes. While determining the award, our aim should be to attract the attention of the users. Attention-grabbing reward always gets us more traffic. The bigger the prize, the greater the participation.

Set your participation conditions

You need to determine your conditions in line with your goal and purpose. Instagram sweepstakes conditions shouldn't be difficult. Users can give up completing long and difficult conditions. Therefore, simple and short conditions should be determined. Don't make your raffle long. The recommended timeframe for sweepstakes is 2 days. Draws longer than 2 days will not attract the attention of users.

Design your post

If you want to appeal to a wider audience with high quality, you need to pay attention to the design of your post. While users are browsing on Instagram, visuals should be designed that will attract the attention of users. You must specify your conditions under the post. Be careful when using hashtags. Because you need to choose your targeted audience using appropriate hasgtags.

Promote your giveaway

You need to promote your raffle post well. It has been determined that the participation rates in the posts that are not promoted are quite low. You should indicate to your users that your conditions of participation are easy under the post. You need to do post management and promotion carefully. You need to promote your giveaway to your followers on other social media accounts. Under the post, you must announce when the draw dates will end.
You need to lay a solid foundation by making the post quality. Then, you need to promote your targeted users from other accounts in line with your goals.

Giveaway results

You must announce to the users that you have made the draw results fairly through your social media accounts. You need to determine the sweepstakes winner using an Instagram sweepstakes tool. On Instagram, you need to show users what you've done fairly, with the help of a sweepstakes tool. Users need to see that your business is trustworthy. When they see that there are winners, you will see the participation rate increase in the next draws.