Is the lottery tool safe?
Comments are collected through our site. The comments are filtered according to the criteria you set and make their selections with the random algorithm. Nobody, including site administrators, can interfere with this process. Some comment picker sites only pull the latest comments and choose the winners from those comments. We take all the comments we can get over the api and choose the winners among them.
The giveaway appearing on our site do not belong to us. It belongs to the instagram accounts that make the giveaway.
The owner of the instagram account that made the giveaway is under his responsibility. The gifts and all legal responsibility for the giveaways belong to the giveaway account.
The person making the giveaway can share the open result link with you or transfer it to you via screen recording. This may vary depending on the preferences of the giveaway owner.
Of course, all our members can use Rafflemix.
You can pay with all credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Troy and AMEX.