Safe Instagram giveaway


Safe Instagram giveaway

Many Instagram account holders use Instagram sweepstakes, one of the digital marketing tactics. Have you ever questioned the security of Instagram sweepstakes, one of the most effective digital marketing tactics? We care about the safety of you, our valued users, and we designed Rafflemix for you to make your Instagram giveaway without logging into your account. Thanks to Rafflemix, it is enough to copy the post link you want to make an Instagram raffle without logging in and add our system. You can then set your rules and start your Instagram giveaway without logging in.

Make an Instagram giveaway without logging in

The influence of Instagram, one of the leading social media platforms, on its users has begun to increase. As a result of this increase, corporate companies, start-ups, SMEs and many commercial enterprises have become an effort to show their presence on social media and to gain new followers. Thanks to Instagram sweepstakes, we can easily observe that the number of organic followers and likes has increased. You need to use Instagram accounts that you have developed with such care and shared your product and service with users without logging in securely.

What happens if your Instagram accounts fall into the hands of others?

When you log in to Instagram lottery sites with your password and username, they can easily access all the information of your account. They can use the accounts they get for their own purposes and easily share your data with others. For your safety, we strongly recommend that you do an Instagram giveaway without logging in. Many Instagram raffle sites use your personal information for the draw and your account is shared by 3rd parties. They can easily use this situation, which is absolutely illegal from a legal point of view, without your knowledge. Many users are not aware of this situation. We recommend that you change your Instagram account password and do not log in with your password and username on any platform other than Instagram.

Make your Instagram giveaway with Rafflemix for free without login

Rafflemix is an Instagram raffle site that you can use without logging in, serving in many countries of the world in 10 different languages. Since its establishment, it has served many important brands. These; They are world-famous brands such as Calvin Klein, Mcdonalds, Opel, Samsung, Starbucks. These brands did not enter any personal information during the Instagram draw. You just need to enter the Instagram giveaway link. Let Rafflemix be your choice and your account will be safe while you are making a raffle on your own Instagram accounts.