Do Instagram giveaways work?


Do Instagram giveaways work?

Instagram giveaway

Social media continues to enter our lives without slowing down. You have opened an Instagram account for your personal account or for your business. You must have seen the benefits of showing your business on social media platforms such as Instagram and gaining new followers and interactions. Instagram is one of the social media platforms. On platforms such as Instagram, Instagram raffles are at the forefront of digital marketing techniques. When we look at the obtained data and user satisfaction, we can see that theInstagram giveaway tools used increase the sales percentages and interaction numbers of the businesses significantly.

Instagram giveaways increase your engagement with your target audience while gaining countless views and followers. It helps you to increase your current target audience by influencing the users that the Instagram algorithm cannot detect on discovery.

In what situations do Instagram giveaways work?

In order to get maximum efficiency from Instagram sweepstakes, you need to apply the following items that we have prepared specially for you.

  • You need to determine the purpose of your draw. Every Instagram account has a different purpose. Why are you doing a raffle? You have to decide your question.
  • After determining your Instagram raffle purpose, you need to choose the gift you will give to your users. If you want to get the maximum efficiency from the lottery, you need to determine the product that your target audience likes and demands the most. You need to know your target audience well during this process. You can ask users to choose raffle gifts with the help of Instagram polls. In this way, you increase satisfaction and interaction in Instagram sweepstakes.
  • The next step is the Instagram raffle rules. You need to set your rules. Here is the situation you need to pay attention to; Do not force and tire your followers. For example, it may be a rule to follow an account. Intense and excessive rules will discourage your followers from the Instagram draw.
  • Next you will need to promote your Instagram giveaway. Promote your giveaway with stories and images. To appeal to more participants, remind regularly that the raffle continues during the draw period and your prizes.
  • Determine the results of your draw live. In the live stream, determine the winners using the Rafflemix Instagram raffle tool. Let your followers see that the draw is reliable, transparent. Unreliable lottery tools will damage your brand. That's why Rafflemix should be your choice in the Instagram raffle tool.
  • Thank your followers. Capture this adventure on video and share it with your followers. Such sweepstakes will increase the number of interactions of your Instagram account. Try to grow your brand with Rafflemix.