Instagram free giveaway tool


Instagram free giveaway tool

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. The e-commerce sector has taken its place in these days when online shopping has become widespread. Business accounts on Instagram need promotional and marketing activities to increase brand awareness and visibility. At the beginning of the marketing strategies, Instragram giveaway come.

Why should you organize an instagram giveaway?

You can have the opportunity to reach new users for free in line with the free gifts given on Instagram and the keywords you use on Instagram. Giving free giveaways from your Instagram business account is a great way to grow your audience. Users tend to bring new audiences to your page based on their chances of winning. Incoming users will tag their friends and incoming users will continue to tag their friends. Everyone wants to participate in the free giveaway on Instagram, as long as the gifts are attractive. The possibility of winning something will draw users to your page and give them a chance to get to know your brand.

How is the free instagram raffle package different from other packages?

You cannot edit rules in the free package. You can only choose instagram post link, giveaway name and category. The important feature of the free package is that it is limited to 100 comments. If you want to draw on posts with high comments, you can try our free lottery tool as a demo. If you are satisfied, you can buy packages as much as the number of comments on your post and expand your account. Click on the rafflemix giveaway tool to view the Instagram lottery packages.

As Rafflemix, we give you the opportunity to use the Instagram raffle tool free of charge, up to 100 comments. Grow your target audience and number of followers. Get the opportunity to sell more products. If you are satisfied, you can upgrade your packages by clicking here. You can set your own rules and make a more detailed draw.