it’s an ULTIMATE giveawaaaaaay time 💋💃🏾 ✨We created this to give all new and old clients a light through these rough times; something small to put a SMILE on all your faces🥰. Thank you to all who support our BLACK owned businesses🙏🏾🥺. This Valentine’s Day is about FEELING yourself 100% from hair to makeup to nails & even your stomach👅😍. The rules 📜 are as follows: 1. Follow @hairbyabbyy @nailz.on.nailz @theglamlifeco @smashandsweets 2. Repost this flyer to story & tag ONE of us. 3. Tag 3 besties 👯‍♀️ on this post using #hbagiveaway. YOU MUST DO ALL 4 TO BE ENTERED! Winner will be announced LIVE by raffle on Instagram on Feb 10th @ 8pm 🗓. All prizes will be available from 11-14th for appointments and pickup. GOODLUCKKK YALLL 💪🏾💗 #hbagiveaway #valentinesday #valentinesgiveaway #torontogiveaway #torontohair #besthair #blackbusiness #hair #makeup #nails #sweets #hbawigs #glamco

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